Imperfect Vessels

Sometimes the sky above will be out of your reach
Sometimes you will fail to practice what you preach
Sometimes you will be beaten at your own game
Sometimes you will have only yourself to blame
At times you will lose your sense of wrong and right
At times it’s just your pillow to wipe your tears at night
Dark clouds will always try to hide the bright sun rays
and at times your rainbow will only be shades of grey
We are all imperfect vessels that God is still molding
Let’s hold on a little longer as His plans are unfolding

Nine Yards

Do you have what it takes to go the whole nine yards?

This ain’t for those with a faint heart
Those who are too afraid to start
This ain’t for the weak and dauntless
Those who crack at the sight of stress

This is for the hustlers; for the fighters
Who reach the stars but still go higher
Who know the sky is not the limit
but a limitation to their avid spirit

This is for those who can press forward
Only those who can go the nine yards
Whose eyes burn with determination
Who don’t need flattery for motivation

This is war meant only for warriors
Those who can’t be stopped by barriers
Whose motto is to either “win or win”
And will keep going through thick or thin

Those who know the bitter taste of failure
But that doesn’t stop their winning nature
Those who have taken a hard fall
But still rise up to give it their all

This is for those who don’t give up
Who will always keep their heads’ up
Who can smell success in the air
Those who keep on playing fair


Poem by Irene Agudu Muiri

A thousand pieces lay bare
Remnants from this warfare
How can I stand through it all?

Ripped in shreds, pulled apart
That’s what’s left of my heart
How can I stand through it all?

Misery, despair and all its cousins
Engulf a heart that was once loving
How can I stand through it all?

Will the rainbow erase this gloom?
Will the roses and daisies bloom?
Will I be standing after it all?

STARS – Love Poem

Our names are written on the stars
We are bound together by love bars

The fire of love has set us on flames
Leaves us calling each other’s names

Love has proved to be our sharpest tool
As we defy the odds and unwritten rules

A firm anchor when the seas rage
Passing the test of time and age

The constellations have been fore-told
Our names are inscribed with fine gold